Janice de Bróithe and Ally O’Neill : Alice in Wonderland

Alice is bored. Everything is school and homework and always doing what you’re told. Until she follows a White Rabbit down a hole and her whole life is quite literally turned upside down and almost inside out. Suddenly, she finds herself in a strange land with no school and no homework and no one telling you what to do! Far from being scared, Alice is curious and soon makes friends with Cats, Caterpillars and Queens. Unfortunately, friends become foes and Alice may be trapped forever.
How will she escape?
Come follow Alice and JUMP down the rabbit hole to WONDERLAND; where nothing makes sense, everyone is mad, and it is always, always time for tea.

Written & Directed by Janice de Bróithe
Choreography & Movement Direction by Tara Landers
Musical Direction by Chris O’Sullivan

Friday 7th April 7.30pm
Saturday 8th April 2.30pm & 7.30pm
Sunday 9th April 2.30pm

Visual Carlow

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