Morven Macrae : Autism Abstraction and Colour, John Black

Garvald Artists present a vibrant collection of abstract artwork by John Black. John is Autistic and combines his innate understanding of colour with his intuitive active mark-making to create inherently beautiful and balanced works. John creates an exciting relationship between action and stillness in his work. Translucent layers build to solid walls of colour. Energetic marks meld into dense focal points. The intriguing titles of his pieces hint at the stories he sees unfolding in his works. Having worked at Garvald Edinburgh for 25 years this is John’s first solo show having previously exhibited in group shows.
Curated by Morven Macrae Art and Design Workshop Leader/ Exhibitions Co-coordinator, Garvald Edinburgh.

27th January – 16th February 2017
The Library Gallery, Summerhall

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