Sebastian Verea : Sounds of the Anthropocene

A collaboration between Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Argentina and C-EENRG at Cambridge University, UK, artist Sebastian Verea’s Sounds of the Anthropocene is a multimedia experience played by Earth´s rotation in real time, that shows the new geological epoch that we call Anthropocene fleshing out the unprecedented humankind footprint on our planet. Sounds of the Anthropocene is a project aims to raise awareness of humankind´s unprecedented footprint on the Earth and, more fundamentally, to flesh out this singular moment in human history from the perspective of sounds.

Specifically, it aims at translating data from stratigraphic markers of the Anthropocene into sound, expressing the state of our planet in the shape of music stemming from the Earth’s changing condition, creating music and sound material of its own singular kind, expressing the singularity that we call the Anthropocene. All sounds are triggered by the sun´s altitude in each stratigraphic marker, using astronomical equations to calculate the values in real time.

Corner Gallery
1st April – 12th May

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