Úna McCarthy : The Space Between

30 June to 27 August
Limerick City Gallery
Carnegie Building, Pery Square, Limerick

The Space Between brings together large scale Open paintings derived from observation in mediation of the other, a monumental work – “a self portrayed as process”; Who Goes There.

Comprising of a grid of 200 A4 images on sandpaper and a series of paintings on paper which are rooted in post “austerity” West of Ireland. Doris’ studio based practice and public art works are informed by and interest in consciousness, in the relational field that connects us and in how the self is constructed relationally. This is the animating field of the space between things.

The Open Paintings invite us to attune to the stillness of Being as subtle and open. The sandpaper and landscape works evoke systems – self and societal – that are ambiguous. They may be disintegrating or in the flux of moving to a higher level of organisation. It is this being present to the complex ambiguity of relational experience that open up the still field of presence.

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