Jacob Kerray : The Great White Hope

Sat 18 Nov 2017 – Sun 14 Jan 2018
Venue: Corner Gallery

Firstly I would like to thank the good people at HUBLOT and the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.

*Tears in my eyes*.

Well, Tony (Schiavone) before I start talking about the Art: At a point in time when the nation needs a national hero, I’m gonna start it out tonight in Los Angeles, California and most importantly H.O.L.L.Y.W.O.O.D, as much as I don’t like you people being part of our business, I’m gonna turn on you ton­ight like you’ve never been turned on before you little perros.

Now, I’ve heard about my challengers, they are great athletes, competitors but in the words of many: “They are not Jacob Kerray” and not ready to be Jacob Kerray. Not nearly ready to be dressed in custom made from head to toe! Versace all over! They are not ready to challenge the Golden Stallion! Not ready to wear a 5000 dollar tie and 10000 dollar alligator shoes! And to say Tony, what time is it? Well, well Jacob, there are so many diamonds around your HUBLOT we can’t tell what time it is! They are not ready for my kind of life. Not ready to get out of my private jet airplane and hear all the women say “OOhoo! There goes Jacob Kerray Professional Artist” Oh and ladies, I’ll be staying at the Marriott Hotel tonight Room 293. Woooo™.

Now to you people of Edinburgh, you dared to not buy all my paintings and acknowledge me as the bona fide genius and certified stud that I am! For that my friend you have aroused a great lion in Jacob Kerray, you made it clear to me that I must beat you.
Now the whole world knows I live in the BIG house in the BIG side of town and I’ve got a BIG BIG yacht! So don’t worry about having to leave the country when I embarrass you, you can all be my gardeners, I’ve got a BIG BIG garden and you can use those intellects to push my lawn mower.

To be The Man you have to beat The Man and right here, right now, I am THE MAN. Woooo™.

New works by Glasgow based artist Jacob Kerray.

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