Marta de Menezes : Meadows Gallery

Synthetica, Summerhall
Saturday 31 — Sunday 13 May
A selection of works forms a brief retrospective on the incredible career of Marta de Menezes. The concept of identity and a dichotomy between the natural and the artificial are recurrent themes in Marta de Menezes’ practice. Beginning with Immortality for Two, the first collaborative work with her partner Luis Graça, which explores the reciprocal immortalisation of cells from two people in love, through to The Origin of Species, using CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing technology to alter living organisms that are the product of selective breeding and domestication, and ending with her latest work Truly Natural, that will confront your perceptions of genetically altered organisms.

Synthetica, a special contemporary art exhibition co-curated by Edinburgh International Science Festival, Summerhall and ASCUS Art & Science, will showcase the work of established international artists working in the field of bioart, including renowned artists Marta de Menezes, Oron Catts, Ionat Zurr, Tarsh Bates and Ting-Tong Chang. Through works derived using the tools, techniques and often living tissues of scientific research, Synthetica will explore how our notions of the natural and the artificial may need to change in an era in which hybrid and synthetic life forms have come into existence.

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