Morven Macrae : A Stitch and Line

Sat 20 Jan 2018 – Sat 17 Feb 2018

Venue: Basement Gallery I
An Exploration of Line by Garvald Edinburgh Artists

A line joins two points- what happens between these two points is where the creativity occurs.

Following on from last years’ successful show at Summerhall, Garvald Edinburgh are delighted to present an exhibition of work by 9 artists each exploring line in their own unique way. Presenting work on paper and canvas and in textiles and ceramics we invite you to draw your own lines between the diverse artworks created by the artists.

Moving on from the origins of traditional sewing the artists from the Weaving and Textiles studios explore the stitched line in a variety of creative ways. Each artist has found a process which suits them and shows their individuality in mark making.

Nicholas Trayner’s intricate embroidered and ceramic depictions of plant life feel alive and still growing whilst Nathan Logan’s colourful cities bustle with layers of built up swatches of fabric. Kirsteen Bailey exhibits an intimate series of hand-stitched abstract meanderings inspired by water and are distinctly different to Callum Smiths geometric pieces which he created whilst free-styling on the sewing machine. Sammie Garvie’s rich felt works almost glow, hinting at jewelled worlds and hidden gardens.

The artists from the Art and Design Studio show works which complement the textiles and ceramics pieces. James Alison uses his stitch-like drawn line to create a series of fantastical bird drawings whilst Nathan Reid creates slightly disconcerting views in his linear depictions of Edinburgh. Nils McDiarmid’s colourful canvasses show his skilled use of line to create plane and form whilst Tracy McGovern, fresh from exhibiting at Hidden Door Festival, uses her confident line to bring more Good Old Scottish Folk to life in ceramics.

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