The footage in this archive is mixed. From demonstrations such as the Edinburgh Latin American Solidarity Committee demonstration and the protests against Trident and NATO covered by Red Star cinema, to more recent footage such as performances and talks held at Summerhall.

This archive also contains footage that has been gathered over the past 35 years. Much of the footage has been filmed on VHS, Super 8 and mini DVs. It can be a source for those who wish to gather information or research on the work that has been undertaken by the various organisations such as TU/TV and the Institute of Local Television.

It is hoped the archive will become a useful resource for those who wish to delve into the history of local broadcasting. These films and videos are examples of local coverage that is often overlooked by larger broadcasting organisations.

Summerhall Sessions

This section documents the longer discussions and debates that are held at Summerhall, as well as featuring recordings of performances that took place during the Edinburgh Festival.

Summerhall Live

A series of documentations of some of Summerhall’s live events, featuring everything from plays to musical performances.

Northern Visions TV

Based in the Cathedral Quarter of Belfast, Northern Visions TV is an arts and digital media centre and local television broadcaster, which works with groups involved in the arts, culture and local heritage, media literacy and education, community development, urban regeneration and community relations. The Institute of Local Television has been working with NvTv for a number of years, each one creating and sharing content with each other so that dissemination of local cultural content is greatly enhanced.

Institute of Local Television

The Institute’s collection includes a number of short exploratory documentaries and interviews that help illustrate the spread and commitment of local and community TV – whether as public access channels in their US, German and Swedish forms, as community TV in the Netherlands and Spain or as public and commercial local television services offered in Australia and New Zealand.

Building and Landscape

A long standing interest with the Institute of Local television, this section explores in depth the many and varied built up environments in Edinburgh and beyond, offering insight into some of the more intriguing structures that have surfaced over the years.

Summerhall Residents

Summerhall rents out its spaces for artists and creatives to use as studios and offices. This section shines a light on the residents and the creative work that they undertake within the walls of Summerhall.


Summerhall’s Colin Sanderson curates a library collection of 25,000 articles relating to art and sciences. Coining the term ‘artiscience’, Colin’s ongoing investigation is documented here, featuring talks and lectures from key members in the arts and science community.


Including the Techcube, Summerhall houses many start up web businesses, and provides an environment for creative individuals working in the technology sector. A documentation of the technology sector within Summerhall can be found here.